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Kennebec Eye Care is the area’s choice for people who are looking for great deals on glasses and contacts. Whether you are looking for a corrective lens to fill a prescription, or something more cosmetic to go with a certain style you have in mind, we offer choices and savings our customers appreciate to help them look and see their best. Get the best from Kennebec Eye Care, from the most popular brands on the markets.


in Waterville, Maine

Kennebec Eye Care is committed to providing our patients with all the tools and goods they need to be able to see clearly. In our state-of-the-art optometric office in Waterville, Maine, we have an on-site lab for fabricating eyeglass lenses. Often your Rx lenses could be available same-day. Once our optometrists give you an eye exam and write your prescription, check out our frames.

Options for Lenses:

Custom Tinted
Scratch Guard

Anti-Reflective Coating
Spectangle Technology

We have hundreds of frames to choose from and thousands of other styles that we can order for you. Our opticians would be happy to provide you with style consultations or answer any questions you may have. We also offer free adjustments and repairs for all prescription glasses. Come shop some of our name brand frames:


from Kennebec Eye Care

Transitioning between glasses and contacts can be beneficial for the wearer, but sometimes finding the right contacts and perfecting their application can be difficult. Kennebec Eye Care provides you with all the tools you need to get a pair of contacts and see clearly. We offer annual contact lens evaluation services and provide training sessions for new wearers to learn how to insert and remove your lenses. This can take up to two or three sessions, and prices vary. Some of the cosmetic lenses, manufacturers of lenses, and brands of lenses offered by Kennebec Eye Care include:

Cosmetic & Colored Lenses

Dailies, Frequent Replacement, Multifocal




Bausch & Lomb




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